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When AI Meets Blockchain

Blockchain, AI7 min read

Vibhuti Dalal

Meet Vibhuti Dalal

AI Developer @ Mindcom

Bangalore, India 

Vibhuti Dalal came from Mumbai to Bangalore to work as a Software Associate. While working as a trainee in Capgemini she got interested in the field of AI and started researching on it and self-learning.

As she started learning more and more got curious about the applications of AI. At this moment she is working on a project called speech security.

Also, she is now researching and implementing AI in Blockchain technology as she joins the team of the project ‘Mindcom’

What inspired you to pursue a career in AI?

While going through YouTube, I came across one video posted by Mark Zuckerberg, (co-founder of Facebook), and in that video, he was showing his smart home.

I was really curious to know how this house is made. Like, just say close the door, the door gets closed automatically. So, at that time I came to know about Artificial Intelligence.

When I watch more of such videos I came to know that Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, and Recommendation systems are part of AI and how all those systems can make our life secure and convenient.

Also, with the help of AI, we can do a lot more things that are not implemented yet. We can implement AI in our day to day life and can make our life more secure and convenient.

I searched about AI and was curious to gain more information about it. As I gained information, I came to know that this can take the world to another level.

Hence, this inspired me to pursue a career in AI.

How did you start your career as an AI developer?

I gave an interview in a company and I was in Bangalore for training, there I made new friends and one day we were just having a casual talk about our interests.

There I told everyone about my interest in AI.

There I met Mahender, He told me about his interest in AI and the projects he is doing in AI. He was really interested in it and was working on many personal projects.

He told me about his future goals of starting a company. I too was interested in working in AI, so I asked him whether I can join him.

He gave some resources through which I started understanding how it works and kept working on my own projects such as voice security and style transfer. Thus I become an AI developer in Mindcom.

I started working on Python at the beginning and it took me three weeks to get a grip in python.

Later, I started working with AI, mainly focused on Deep Learning and Machine Learning. So, I started with an Applied AI and Deep Learning Course on Coursera. With this, I got a brief idea about data visualization, data cleaning, Deep Learning algorithms, and how it works.

I am currently working on the Deep Learning specialization in Coursera.

I have started working on GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks), RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks), CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks).

Right now I am researching how to implement AI with Blockchain using smart contracts.

What is your main interest and expectations in working on AI?

My main interest in AI is Recommendation systems, Image Recognition, Speech Recognition.

With the help of speech recognition, we can control our mobiles. We can call, message our friends and families without even touching our mobiles. Speech recognition can take the world to another level.

We can develop the systems which we use in our day to day life. We can control several other systems like Washing Machine, Refrigerator, etc. with speech recognition systems.

There are various applications that use Image recognition. This application is used to identify and caption images. We can develop to use this system in various other ways. Like, diagnosing the patient, Identifying whether the patient has a cold or cough.

Nowadays, there are many cases of fake ID proofs, so with the help of image recognition, we can find the fake ID's too.

Recommendation systems too are used in many applications like Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook. This recommendation is based on our browsing history and videos we watch.

Hence, if this system is developed too, then it can do recommendations based on our mood as well as our browsing history. Like, if we are hungry, then recommending the videos of cooking. If we are sad, recommend any funny videos.

There is one more thing that I am interested in is a chatbot.

We can take chatbot to another level like we ask some questions and with the help of chatbots, websites answer us. We can make some applications with the help of AI and can make something that can work as a chatbot and can talk too.

If a person visits the website, then the system will talk about the website and will answer the questions too.

Do you have any AI projects that want to share your experience?

Currently, I am working on a project based on speech recognition. It will provide security to the system using our voice.

My voice security project works on the basis of voice. It is trained using a Deep Learning model to identify whether this is an authorized person or not.

It will identify us on the basis of our voice, tone, and pitch.

This system keeps a note of the way we say every word. Like if we are saying a word, how high or low is our tone, how we are saying each sentence, how long we take a pause, all these things are noted in the system.

The system also notes how long we extend a word.

If any other person tries to mimic our voice will be caught as he cannot mimic the pauses, notes of our voice, and the way we extend each word.

This will lead to securing our devices. We can also use this type of security on the transaction applications. Instead of typing a PIN number, we can secure it with our voice.

So, the probability of the fraudulent transactions will be less since fingerprints are easy to get whereas the voice and tone are difficult.

I would like to work on a project where the input voice can be changed. This voice can be changed to a robot’s voice.

We can also reverse the input sentence. We can fast forward as well as slow down the input voice by changing some frequency of the voice. This project will lead to many opportunities to secure the phone password with the help of voice and also can be used as excellent security for the secret velvet etc.

How AI can be used in blockchain?

Generally, AI systems can be used to improve blockchains. AI can be used to help blockchain technology as well as blockchain can be used to provide unbiased AI systems

  • Security:- With the help of AI, Blockchain technology can become safer by making secure application deployments. AI algorithms can also be used to decide about the fraud transactions, etc.

  • Efficiency:- In order to work, companies require many systems constantly. Hence, with the help of AI, we can reduce the load which results in less network latency. The cost that is applied upon workers would also be reduced if AI machines replace the work done by workers. AI can introduce new systems such as new data-sharing techniques that make the system much more efficient.

  • Managing systems:- Everyone will agree that machines can work far better than humans when it comes to cracking the codes, humans need time and practice. Machine learning can eliminate the requirement for humans because the machine will work faster and accurately. So, AI helps in managing blockchain systems.

  • Data protection:- Blockchains are used for storing highly sensitive and personal data which, when used with AI, can add some convenience. For example, the healthcare systems that make diagnoses based on medical scans and records.

Mention any industry where AI could have a big impact? and why?

There are many industries where AI can have a big impact. [One of them is the medical industry](One of them is the medical industry).

With the help of AI, the treatment of the patients can be done. By analyzing the medical history of the patient, AI can predict the medicines and diagnose the patient.

Also, can determine the appropriate method for treatment and take care of the patients, aftercare and appointments can be scheduled with AI.

AI will reduce traffic accidents and increase safety. Artificial intelligence (AI) will create significant opportunities for automakers to reduce production costs and introduce new revenue streams, including self-driving technology, predictive maintenance, and route optimization, The long driving hours and stopping for a break will no longer be a concern with fully automated fleets.

Artificial intelligence technologies increase the ability to process and predict data and outcomes more than humans, so travel and transport operators will schedule public and private transportation services in a significantly improved manner.

AI could play a big role in developing new and innovative ways in which to deal with pollution as well as helping to enable scientists and engineers to come up with much more environmentally friendly methods to run vehicles and machinery for travel and transportation.

Do you feel equal opportunities in the industry as a woman AI developer?

According to me, there are not equal opportunities for women and we are certainly not considered equal to men.

They should have equal opportunity, equal access to advancement, make equal salaries, and be respected equally, but no, they’re not.

Women are typically hired less frequently, paid less, and have less access to advancement. They are assumed to be less committed to their careers because of the social expectation that they will provide the bulk of childcare, household management, and elder care for their families.

The probability of women might be more in offices today as compared to previous times, but we can’t conclude that every woman has equal opportunities in today’s world yet.

Why does society need AI?

Artificial intelligence can improve the efficiencies of our workplaces and can augment the work humans can do.

It can take over the dangerous tasks, it can free humans to do work which they like. If people are doing work that is more engaging for them, it could increase happiness and job satisfaction.

AI can be used in hospitals by improving the operations of healthcare facilities and medical organizations.

Artificial Intelligence can reduce operating costs and save money.

We can use Facial recognition technology to uncover criminal activities. This use will help to effectively use technology without crossing an individual’s privacy.

For example, to search the criminal, police will no more go to each and every person to interrogate.

Artificial Intelligence will be used to find the things at our house and can also help in informing if any of the groceries in our house is finished. Also, it can be used to take care of our parents and grandparents.

With the help of AI, the problem of transportation and traffic congestion will be solved. With the help of automated vehicles, there will be less traffic congestion, make parking easier. It can also reduce fuel consumption caused by vehicles.