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The Power Of AI And Chatbots

AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning3 min read

kumar Gaurav

Meet kumar Gaurav

AI Analyst @ Yellow Messenger

Delhi, India

Kumar Gaurav started with Customer support centers, later worked for Amazon and Google support.

Thereafter he joined Leena AI which is an HR domain chatbot making company.

He worked there for around 15 months then he switched from there to Yellow Messenger which makes chatbots for multiple domains like insurance, HR, retail, e-comm, etc.

Experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Services industry.

Skilled in Team Building, Management, Observation, Process development, and enhancement and Leadership.

A strong business development professional with a B. Tech - Bachelor of Technology focused on Electronics and Communications Engineering from Indraprastha University.

How you describe your first encounter with Ai?

It was back in days when Hike messenger released a chatbot on it named "Natasha" it was fun to interact with it. It was amazing how it understood the things that we spoke and reply with a response relevant to it. 

How do you define Artificial Intelligence?

Speaking in Layman terms, AI is like copying and teaching human behavior to machines.

Teaching Machines how does a human mind thinks and reacts in any situation. AI is going to change the world a lot.

Unskilled labor will be the most effective people on earth once AI hits the market completely.

Suppose there is a work "X" that is to be done, AI can be implemented in it. So, AI is going to get into every field. 

Describe the function of an AI analyst?

As an AI Analyst, my job role is to get the data which comes on chatbots and then train the chatbots again so that it can understand more things.

It is just human in the loop of AI thing. I have to train the Algorithm again by the real-time data on which our machine was unable to reply earlier. 

What kind of analysis do AI analysts specifically work?

AI Analysts specifically look after the chatbots that are made in house for enterprises. They look towards the health of the bots, which means the capacity to respond to the queries that are asked by the user.

An AI Analyst also has to train the algorithm by making a data set that helps chatbots to understand the user query. 

Describe 2 things that can be improved with artificial intelligence?

AI has an impact on any field. The most important that I feel is in Healthcare and Global issues.

The sudden burst of epidemics and natural disasters can be predicted by the help of AI. This is definitely going to be a bigger task, however, this will be a great use case of AI in action. 

Do you have any AI projects that want to share the experience with us?

No, there is no individual project that I am working upon, however, as an employee in AI company, I take up tasks to improve the chatbots quality by looking for any gaps that can be filled.

While working on any enterprise chatbot, I try to understand the behavior of the user for that particular domain, getting into the shoes of any user and then building a chatbot around it which is similarly effective to any human agent is great.

It is so satisfying to see your own build chatbot which helps people with there queries and see that the work that you have done is serving some great purpose.

AI is a revolution in industry and being a part of it is always great.

What advice would you give to a student in the field of artificial intelligence?

AI is top-notch technical stuff, however, your common sense also plays a major part in it. If you feel that your common sense works fine, do dive into the world of AI, you will definitely end up doing something great.

AI is the future, I will advise every student to set a goal for them right now and start working for it.

For any student who wants to start in the AI and ML field, trust me, this is the biggest field that you can dig into.

There are numerous use cases which can be served by AI, it’s just you have to look around yourself and think how AI can help you in that.

A use case can be as simple as a bot watering your plants to as big as an alarm for Natural disasters or any epidemic prediction.

It can be a tutor to you or it can be a helper to you. It is up to you how you see AI and how you want to use it.