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Expanding Horizons With Robotics

Robotics, Aerospace, Automation2 min read

Sergey Rumyantsev

Meet Sergey Rumyantsev

Chief Information Officer (CIO) @ INFOCOM Ltd

Kyiv, Ukraine

Sergey Rumyantsev has 10 years of experience in implementing international projects related to automation, software development for industrial robots, drones, unmanned city transport infrastructure, recognition of objects using computer vision software, and cybersecurity projects for control systems.

He drives the department that develops software and operation algorithms for robots and unmanned ground vehicles.

Sergey's interests are AI algorithms, neural networks, computer vision, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles.

What inspired you to pursue a career in robotics?

I am inspired by non-trivial tasks, the solution of which helps me feel in good shape.

New non-standard challenges that would stop many people give me strength and energy to move on. Experience in robotics broadens horizons.

The current challenge is the development for NASA of a specialized lunar rover and power generation devices on the Moon and Mars.

What is the mission and vision of the TIMA robot?

Our Robots TIMA is a modern, innovative helper for humanity. The main task of such robots is to help people and simplify human life in different areas.

TIMA — is a robotic system that can autonomously navigate the route while performing routine tasks, helping people in hospitals, clinics, exhibitions, restaurants, universities, warehouses, ad on the streets.

There are different robots TIMA for different spheres of life:

What is the importance of AI technology in the TIMA robotics system?

Robot TIMA is a modern autonomous platform built on AI technologies: in our robots, we use Computer Vision, Machine learning, Neural network technologies, audio-video transmission via the WEB-RTC protocol.

All these developments have been carried out in our company for years and now we have combined them in the final innovative product – Robot TIMA.

Control using WiFi / 3G / LTE via a website or mobile application, automatic electric charging, voice and command recognition, movement along a given route makes TIMA a great assistant and friend.

How do you see the role of robots in a future where a new pandemic could erupt?

More and more robots will be introduced into our lives and with the development of technology soon each person will have their own personal assistant.

During the pandemic, the demand for robots has increased, especially on TIMA Medical and TIMA Disinfector.

Robot TIMA disinfects air from germs, bacterias, and viruses due to an antibacterial recirculation and an ozone-free ultraviolet lamp. Robots simplify human life and minimize human contact.

Explain one challenge robotics is facing for its implementation and acceptance?

A new direction for us is robots for space exploration. The main problem with them is that you can’t completely recreate on Earth all the conditions that will be in Space.

Therefore, many space missions fail. But our country Ukraine has a long space history and we plan to use the experience of previous generations for our new products.

One example of an industry where the Tima robot can be deployed with success?

In many industries, Robots TIMA successfully works and helps people to perform tasks.

For example, we have a TIMA logistic robot that allows you to optimize warehouse logistics and increase the speed and quality of cargo handling.

The TIMA warehouse robot is designed to transport goods weighing up to 100 kg through the territory of a closed warehouse with the ability to identify and avoid obstacles.

We also have experience in the implementation of TIMA Medical in hospitals.

The robot can perform such tasks - deliver reports, medical tests, sick lists, medicines, references, accompany the patient to the procedure room or make disinfection of the room.

TIMA Medical helps doctors to give patients more attention without being distracted by routine tasks.